About Us

Founded in 1980, Destination LA is your premier source for exceptional towel products, uniquely positioned as the sole distributor of the renowned San Vincente Towels. Our core philosophy is straightforward: deliver unparalleled products and services at unbeatable prices. At the heart of our operations is a deep-seated dedication to customer satisfaction, underpinned by a commitment to offering a secure and user-friendly online shopping experience.

We are proud to present our collection of superior, imported towels. Crafted from 100% cotton using the ring spun technique, our towels promise an unmatched softness, maintaining their plush texture wash after wash. With Destination LA, rest assured you're receiving nothing but the finest quality - no seconds or irregulars, just first-rate products designed to elevate your daily routine.


Destination LA, Inc.
3815 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90037
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